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Our amazing team of both private & personal chefs at the Pacific Coast Palate are available to prepare fresh cuisine using fresh organic ingredients based on your personal needs. Our chefs are excited to work with you on any special event or prepare a weekly menu of flavorful, quality food, and help you navigate any dietary restrictions.

Personal Chef

Contact us to create a luxury dining experience starting with your custom menu through preparation and serving of delicious meals. We take pride in creating memorable events with private or personal chef services.

Is There a Difference Between a Personal Chef and Private Chef?

An LA personal chef works directly for you on a regular basis, often weekly or even biweekly, to plan your menu and meals, shop for fresh often organic ingredients, prepare delicious meals to your specifications, and clean up the kitchen afterward. They then store your meals in individual containers in the fridge or freezer with reheating instructions so you can enjoy the meal on your schedule. The chef is well educated in food preparation safety and provides a quality product for you to have fresh, healthy meals ready to go!

Some of our clients hire a personal chef to meet dietary needs such as paleo, vegetarian, raw food, or allergen-friendly diets. In some cases, these are Physician recommended diets that may be set according to the American Diabetes Association. Whatever the case, the work of a personal chef is to meet the client’s needs.

Personal chefs will often provide catering for special events such as a cocktail or dinner party, birthdays, and other special occasions. When working as a caterer, they will hire and bring a team of cooks and servers into the client’s home to serve their guests and clean up after the party.

Our clients are busy, working individuals, often with families who want to reap the rewards of eating healthy and different food on a regular basis. Your personal chef will take any dietary restrictions and food cuisine preferences into consideration when creating custom meal plans just for you.

An LA private chef works on a single event or on a short-term basis, a family vacation for instance. Our corporate clients use our private chef service for group training sessions or special annual events like holiday parties. Individuals, as well as couples, bring in a private chef when they are celebrating milestone events such as a 50th birthday party or 25th wedding anniversary and would like to have a private chef to make the celebration memorable.

Our clients range from experienced hosts that have been entertaining for years, to couples using a private chef for the first-time who want to create a relaxing, often romantic, always memorable evening for the two of them. We remove the stress of planning and hosting the occasion, so both they and their guests, enjoy fine cuisine and a relaxing dinner service.

Is There a Difference Between a Personal Chef and Private Chef

A private chef will take your menu and budget, as well as the event details into account while planning the dinner and catering to your needs. Fill out our scheduling form to learn more about working with one of our experienced and talented LA chefs at The Pacific Coast Palate.

How Much Does a Private Chef in Cost in LA?

Hiring a private chef in Los Angeles at a daily rate depends on your unique needs. The number of people to be served, the type of cuisine you want prepared, and many other details can make the cost range from about $115 – $200 per person for groups of 20 people. We can provide a custom quote for you based on your menu choices and any additional services you may need.

Groups of over 20 people are considered catered events. Please visit our catering page for details on catered events for your next corporate event, party or large gathering.

Fill out the scheduling form with the details your private chef will need, such as the location of the event, the number of people to be served, any special dietary restrictions, type of cuisine, and any other special requests. One of our experienced support staff at The Pacific Coast Palate will reach out to create a quote for you based on your event or personal needs.

Average Costs to Hire a Personal Chef in Los Angeles

A personal chefs job is different then a private chef. Typically, a personal chef will work with you on a long-term basis to provide cooking instruction, dietary guidance for specialized dietary needs at a doctors request, or a brief service while you’re working on a special project.

A personal chef can prepare meals in your residence or at a commercial site such as an office or industrial space. Your personal chef will purchase the groceries and establish portion sizes. Your chef prepared meals will include heating instructions and you can enjoy them on your schedule. Personal chefs may also provide cooking instruction in your home so you can learn some of their secrets and up your own “kitchen game”. Regular scheduled chef services are a great option when you are looking to meet personal health goals or just busy living your life.

The average cost for a personal chef visit depends on several factors. Preparing food for 1-3 people, might be $120-$140 per person, plus food costs. The more people in the group, the lower the cost. Food for seven people for instance would likely drop to about $100 per person.

The cost of a personal chef for the week averages $200-$300 per week, again, plus food costs. You can also hire and work with a personal chef on a per hour basis. The average hourly rate for a personal chef in LA is about $40 to $60/hour.

At The Pacific Coast Palate, our team of professional chefs offers you multiple services including menu planning, shopping for the groceries, including organic foods, your choice of in-home or onsite preparation, table service, and cleaning up the kitchen after meal preparation. Drinks are not normally included in the personal chef’s fees.

Is Hiring a Personal Chef Worth It?

Hiring a personal chef is a very personal decision. To create a memorable event that leaves the you free to enjoy time with your friends, family, or other guests, we highly recommend using a personal chef that meets your needs and will work within your budget. Clients have found that enjoying a fine dining experience in their home versus driving through traffic to a restaurant, is well worth the price of hiring a chef.

Our private chef’s will use fresh organic ingredients to cater your event or prepare your meals. We prefer to use local food sourcing whenever possible for our meal preparationi.

Our team of professional personal chefs will work with you when considering things such as food allergies, wellness goals, event planning suggestions, and other details that are unique-to-you. Contact us using the scheduling form to find out more about hiring a personal chef in the LA area. You’re worth it!

Does Private Chef Service Include Drinks?

Wine and food pairings can be included as part of the chef service, but be aware, drinks are considered an “additional service” when you hire a private chef at The Pacific Coast Palate. Be sure to discuss drinks ahead of time with your private chef if you would like us to pair food and drink offerings. We can provide a custom quote for you to determine if our providing the drinks works within your budget.

How Can I Find a Private Chef in LA?

When you want to book a personal or private chef, we want you to make The Pacific Coast Palate your first choice for any event. We’ll provide you with a chef that meets all of your unique needs. Once you complete and submit your scheduling form, we will book a private consultation to discuss your food preferences, any food allergies, budget, and the overall dining experience you are seeking.

Your private chef will custom design the menu tailored to your needs. After you’ve met with your private chef, a final menu will be prepared and the date set for your event.

What to Look for When Hiring a Personal Chef

Below are some great questions to ask when creating a checklist for your first meeting with your personal chef. This will help you determine whether they are a good fit for you and can meet your expectations.

  • Can you work within my budget?
  • What are the personal chef’s responsibilities?
  • Will you create a menu just for me based on my personal cuisine preferences?
  • Will I have the opportunity to conduct a food tasting before the event?
  • What do you provide from a food service standpoint including food, staff, and equipment?
  • Will I need to provide any extra support at this price point or will you take care of everything?
  • Perhaps most importantly, are you available on the date of my event?
  • Do you specialize in the type of event I’m having – wedding caterer, corporate events, or simple casual get-togethers?
  • Will you handle cleanup after the event?
  • Will I need to provide any additional or special equipment?

At The Pacific Coast Palate, we invite you to read our customer reviews and chef profiles to learn more about their approach to providing your culinary experience, their reputation, and cuisine specialties. Ask our chefs about their process, culinary skills, references from past clients, and of course prices. We recommend getting three quotes or more to find the perfect personal chef for your unique needs and budget. All our chefs have the work experience and reputation that will turn any event into a memorable occasion.

How Does The Pacific Coast Palate Work?

The Pacific Coast Palate provides you access to a local private or personal chef for your event or personal party. We provide you listings with chef reviews and the chef’s profiles for you to select a chef that is perfect for you.

You can also use our personal chef matching service where you fill out an inquiry form and the best local chefs with availability on your event date will respond with a personalized menu and quote just for you. Once you choose a chef, you can book the engagement and relax! Your chosen chef will take care of all the details while you enjoy your meal and enjoy your time with the guests.

Complete our scheduling form to get started on the process of hiring a personal chef.

Learn to Cook with a Private Chef in LA

What’s The Difference Between a Private Chef and a Caterer?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook amazing foods and be more adventurous in the kitchen? Many of our clients want to learn and master these skills. Our professional chefs can use their years of experience learning in a high-end culinary program to teach you how to prepare your favorite dishes with ease at home. We will pair you with the right private chef, who will put their culinary arts degree to work to teach you, and your friends, how to prepare healthy, fresh organic meals in your kitchen.

We offer cooking classes and culinary skills instruction right in your home. Just ask us about this option when you meet with your private chef.

Want to explore a personal chef service further? Just complete the scheduling form with your details and one of our professional team members will contact you to answer any and all of your questions.

Let Us Assist Your With Your Chef & Catering Needs

The Pacific Coast Palate would love to assist you with your full-service catering menu and event planning. Complete our scheduling form to provide details of your event so we can contact you and answer all of your questions.

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