Food Tours in Los Angeles

Looking for something fun to do that’s not your typical date night, vacation or holiday? How about a food tour of Los Angeles, San Diego, or Orange County, exploring the best restaurants, eating great food, and creating forever memories?

Food Tours in Los Angeles

Taking a food tour is rarely the same tour twice. Restaurants are constantly rotating and varying their menus, so it’s a fun surprise every time.

Pacific Coast Palate offers the best food tours in any location of your choice in the Greater LA area. The tour consists of visiting 3-4 restaurants in the area and tasting the delicious foods they create. We offer different tour options, such as:

Hidden Gems – Explore food trucks, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and “street food.” Find new restaurants with exotic cuisines. Get ready to eat food that you have never heard about before!

Trendy – Channel your inner influencer while we visit TikTok and Instagram-worthy spots!

Upscale – Treat yourself to fine dining. Bask in luxury as we visit the finest restaurants.

Cocktails – More interested in a drinking tour than a food tour? We’ve got you covered. Let loose, and get ready to drink delicious craft cocktails from the finest establishments.

Public And Private Food Tours Are Available

You can take a Los Angeles food tour with the public or take a private tour with friends and family. If you opt for a private tour, the minimum requirement is six people. Pacific Coast Palate loves taking out private tour groups and wants to give you a perfect tour that you’ll be talking about for years. We also provide food tours in San Diego and Orange County, California.

You can also purchase an optional drink ticket, but you’ll need the proper I.D.

Private Food Tours
Private Food Tours

Food Tours Frequently Asked Questions

Food tours aren’t the typical events you attend when looking for something to do with friends and family, so of course, we get a lot of questions. Here are a few frequently asked questions about food tours and Pacific Coast Palate’s tour policies.

What exactly is a food tour?

Los Angeles food tours are a way for locals and tourists to try the foods of multiple restaurants and get the best of each place. They differ from food festivals and city walking tours. Food tours have sometimes been called a “food crawl” akin to a “pub crawl.”

Are kids welcome on a food tour?

Food tours are family and 100% kid-friendly. The only requirement is that children must be 8+ and accompanied by an adult.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

If you need dietary accommodations, We recommend booking a private food tour so we can carefully select the restaurants to meet your restrictions.

How much of the tour will be spent walking?

About 1/3 of the food tour will be either walking or standing. If you’ve booked a private tour and anyone in your group has trouble walking for long periods, we can make the tour more condensed for less walking and time standing.

Do I tip our tour guides?

No. There’s no need to tip your tour guide though we promise you’ll want to.

Do you offer a breakfast tour?

Pacific Coast Palate’s food tour is a lunch and dinner event only, but you might find a bit of a history tour thrown in, but we’ll leave that as a surprise.

What’s your cancellation policy for food tours?

If you find that you have to cancel, then please contact us at least 72 hours prior to your tour, or you won’t be refunded. If Pacific Coast Palate cancels the tour, you’ll of course be provided a full refund or credit.

Fill out our scheduling form to provide your event details, the number of guests you are expecting, and any special requests for your catered event.

Schedule Your LA Food Tour Today!

Schedule Your LA Food Tour Today!

If you’d like more information on food tours, then Pacific Coast Palate would love to assist you. Complete our schedule form to provide essential details so we can contact you to answer all your questions. We look forward to touring the local Los Angeles food scene with you.

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