Creating unique luxury dining and culinary experience

Our experienced staff and expertly trained LA private chefs take pride in creating an extraordinary and unforgettable event for you and your guests. A professional chef will guide you through your choice of cuisine, where we use fresh high-quality, organic ingredients, locally sourced where possible, for our menu planning and food preparation.

Our corporate catering clients have learned to trust The Pacific Coast Palate to create a luxury experience with customized menus for team building events and important gatherings of all types.

Our private clients in LA and surrounding areas choose us to host parties for milestone events including weddings and bachelorette parties, dinner parties with friends, and large family gatherings at your home or a family trip at your vacation rental.

For an intimate and memorable dining experience, ditch the big city chefs and the five-star restaurant and hire the best private chefs LA has to offer at Pacific Coast Palate. Our chefs will delight you with any size course meal you desire.

Hire the Best Private Chef in LA

At The Pacific Coast Palate, we want you to enjoy time with your friends and guests to create lasting memories. Treat yourself to a luxury experience and hire a private chef to take care of your next event. If you’re hosting a small to large corporate event, family reunion, or bachelorette party, a private chef can make all the difference in creating your customized menu with impeccable service that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Many of our clients hire a private chef to handle the food while they relax in Southern California. Our talented, experienced chefs use organic, local ingredients to prepare creative, fresh, and memorable meals for you and your guests.

Private Chef and Catering Services for Your Corporate Event

Corporate Catering In Los Angeles CA

If you want to host a team-building or corporate event, many private chefs also have a catering team that can help you accommodate groups of 20-500+. Impress your staff with an awards dinner or demonstrate your appreciation at your next team meeting by bringing in an LA private chef. Your staff and company leaders will be amazed by the care and food presentation your Pacific Coast Palate private chef brings to the table. Use our scheduling form to share details of your next event, dietary restrictions of your guests or team members, describe unique needs for your dining experience, and learn about popular services we can add or include in your customized quote.

Make Your Vacation a Luxurious Culinary Experience

Many of our busy clients look forward to their vacations as a welcomed break from daily responsibilities. The Pacific Coast Palate can take meal planning and preparation off your to-do list when you gather with extended family at your vacation rental in or Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California’s surrounding areas.

Luxurious Culinary Experience
Luxurious Culinary Experience
Luxurious Culinary Experience

A private chef experience will offer a unique meal experience for a special night of celebration for you and your family. A personal chef can be hired to provide meals to everyone throughout the day for your entire vacation. Why not impress your family and take away the stress on your next family trip by investing in a professional chef?

The cost varies from $115 – $200 per person for groups under 20. Parties with a higher guest count will be determined based on their customized menu, type of cuisine, and the number of servers needed to support the event.

Fill out our scheduling form to begin your unique culinary experience with a professional chef and experienced support staff from The Pacific Coast Palate.

Get Personalized Meal Planning & Fresh Organic Meals

If you enjoy the luxury experience of working with a private chef, be sure to check out our personal chef services. The main difference between a private chef and a personal chef is that the personal chef works for you on a consistent basis, often several times per week.

Your personal chef can consider your dietary restrictions, create custom menu planning, and prepare meals in your own home. When you work with a personal chef, the chef helps you manage the day-to-day meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking for the whole week. You deserve to eat well and live well every day!

Save Time and Money

Our experienced team of personal chefs at The Pacific Coast Palate can help you save time and money while introducing new cuisines of fresh, healthy meals for your family. We help you take the stress out of your already busy schedule. You can say goodbye to guessing what to make for dinner and unhealthy takeout food.

Have you ever wanted to create a fine dining experience at home for a date night or intimate dinner party without the added stress of LA traffic, parking, poor service, or a less than desirable table location at the restaurant? Our food is prepared with local, organic ingredients to delight your palate.

Consider planning a weekly date night. Or sample different cuisine each week without the hassle of reservations. Use our scheduling form to tell us about your home chef ideas, how many people we’ll be providing food for, and any special requests to make your personal chef service a memorable and worthwhile experience.

A Personal Chef Makes Life Easier for You

When you hire a personal chef with years of training and experience, you can work on your diet and lifestyle with a professional at your side. Your personal chef can create meal options to meet your specific dietary needs (paleo, keto, gluten-free, vegan, pescatarian, or allergen-friendly). Meal kits and menu plans don’t offer the same customization a personal chef does.

Your personal chef can build a list of personal preferences and help you get a dinner on the table that you will look forward to eating. Complete our scheduling form below to get started on that journey.

Learn HOW to Cook

One of the best reasons to hire a personal chef from The Pacific Coast Palate is to learn more about how to cook. Your professional chef can help you learn how to better prepare meals, improve knife skills, or teach you how to make quality sushi. When you hire a personal chef, you get access to great food, more time to do the things you enjoy, and a professional who can help you learn new methods of cooking healthy, delicious recipes.

Hire a Private Chef for Your Bachelorette Weekend In LA

The Palm Springs Palate provides private chef services for your bachelorette weekend in Los Angeles, Orange County, and surrounding areas. We know that not only is it your time to celebrate this milestone event in your life, but you also want to impress your friends with the culinary food and unique experience. Our exquisite food presentation and services will add to the memories you share both with your friends and online with your photos.

Request a quote for your private chef by filling our scheduling form to share the details of your bachelorette party.

How Much Does a Private Chef Cost Per Day?

Hiring a private chef at a daily rate varies according to your specific needs. We will provide a custom quote based on your menu choices and any add-on services needed.

Our average price is about $115-$200 per person for groups under 20. Groups over 20 are considered catered events. Please visit our catering page for details on catered events for your next corporate event or large gathering.


Please complete our scheduling form with details of your event, including the number of people, special dietary needs, and other requests. One of our experienced support staff will follow up with you and provide a detailed quote based on your unique event or personal needs.

What Is the Difference Between a Private Chef And Personal Chef?

A private chef works on a single event or on a short-term basis. Clients with an upcoming corporate training or special annual event and couples celebrating milestone events such as a 50th birthday party or wedding anniversary, often hire a private chef to assist them. We work with both experienced hosts and first time private chef users to create a relaxing evening for them while they and their guests enjoy the finest cuisine and dining service.

A personal chef works with our clients on a recurring basis, often weekly or biweekly, to plan meals, shop for food, and prepare expertly prepared meals in your home. Our clients are busy individuals and families who want to enjoy fresh, healthy, and unique cuisine on a regular schedule. We take their dietary restrictions and personal preferences into account to create custom meal plans for them.

What’s The Difference Between a Private Chef and a Caterer?

Is Hiring A Personal Chef Worth It?

Definitely! If you want to make your special events or weekly meal planning hassle-free, we recommend hiring an LA personal chef. Your chef will handle all the details so you can relax and focus on what’s important to you.

Whether you need more time with your family, more time for personal activities, or just a healthier lifestyle with professional chef quality meals, a personal chef can make that happen for you.

Find out more by filling out our scheduling form today. A member of our team will contact you to answer all your questions and make excellent recommendations for your specific needs.

Let Us Assist Your With Your Chef & Catering Needs

The Pacific Coast Palate would love to assist you with your full-service catering menu and event planning. Complete our scheduling form to provide details of your event so we can contact you and answer all of your questions.

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