Pacific Coast Palate providing Private Chef and Catering Services

Luxury dining for your special event is our goal and purpose. Our professional chefs and accompanying highly trained experienced staff will create custom menus just for you that will amaze and delight your guests. Private chef and catering services ensure your corporate event, wedding, and special events are unforgettable. We use only the freshest ingredients and organic items to prepare your culinary experience.

Alexis Armijo - Co-Owner

Alexis Armijo was drawn to trying delicious food through her frequent travels growing up. She always looked forward to trying local cuisine wherever she went, savoring the flavors and the experience together.

Her family events always featured amazing food at the center of their gatherings, no matter how big or small. Her Mexican heritage embraced this love of food, family, and celebrations.

Alexis was born to be creative and learned entrepreneurship from her parents. Her father is a successful business owner and her mother is an artist. She dedicated her early years to dancing, singing, and acting in plays. Later, she worked in sales and finance, which benefited her tremendously as she built The Phoenix Palate with her best friend.

When she decided to move from her hometown of El Paso, Texas, to Phoenix, Arizona, she explored ways to make new friends. One idea was to start a cooking club, The Wannabe Chefs, where she shared her favorite recipes and learned new ones from the other club members.

Alexis knows food is a universal language that connects all of us. As her cooking club quickly grew and developed a significant following, she and her best friend, head pastry chef Amanda Rubio, created The Phoenix Palate – a private chef and catering business.

Her creative entrepreneurial spirit and drive are behind the latest business, The Pacific Coast Palate. The focus of both businesses is to help people create unforgettable memories with their guests by offering amazing food at the center of every event.


Reannon Stuart - Co-Owner

Reannon and Alexis met while working together at The Phoenix Palate. Their unique skills and vision of expanding their success led to their partnership in creating The Pacific Coast Palate.

Similar to Alexis, Reannon had a passion for travel, delicious food, and new experiences which brought her to the Phoenix Palate as the Event Coordinator. Her experiences as a chef were a perfect partner to the planning side of the culinary world.

She loves spending time educating clients on how to create a unique, fine dining experience for their event. It could be a private chef dinner, wedding, corporate event, cooking class, or food tours. To Reannon, the culinary world is endless and exciting, and she looks forward to raising the standards of every event she helps plan.

Reannon is a proud honors graduate from ACI, a culinary school in Scottsdale, Arizona. Upon graduating, she worked at The Four Seasons Scottsdale Troon North Resort in Banquets and Catering. She has years of experience in high-volume and large events in a fast, high-end environment.


Chef Victor

Victor Agras, a Veracruz native and reputed valley veteran, is adding new flair. His family owns a successful restaurant in Veracruz. His good brings new life to the menu and takes it to the next level. Some examples are vibrant seafood offerings such as bacon-wrapped, crab-stuffed shrimp.

Let Us Assist Your With Your Chef & Catering Needs

The Pacific Coast Palate would love to assist you with your full-service catering menu and event planning. Complete our scheduling form to provide details of your event so we can contact you and answer all of your questions.

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