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The Pacific Coast Palate specializes in creating personalized, luxury dining experiences for your catered events. Our professional chefs and trained support staff provide exquisite food for full-service meals at your next party, special event, or corporate meeting.

If you are looking for a highly trained team of chefs, support staff, and management team to make your elegant event successful, your search is over. We have the passion and experience to offer you an easy planning process for your next event – small or large – by pairing you with the right professional chef from our team to satisfy both your tastebuds and budget costs.

We can make your special day – wedding, bar mitzvah, bachelorette party, or corporate event – a day to remember for years to come when you hire us as your first-class catering company. How?

Delicious Fine Dining Meals

Our award-winning professional LA chefs will create a menu based on your cuisine choices and the vision for your event to produce a memorable experience for you and your guests.

The Pacific Coast Palate hires only the best private chefs and the support staff  to go with them, allowing the planning of a custom menu where all food is prepared with fresh organic ingredients. Our plated meals with extraordinary service for your guests will add to the festive atmosphere of your wedding or other large gathering.

Hiring a professional caterer in Los Angeles can be overwhelming because there are so many options. For weddings we promise we will meet all your catering needs by working with your wedding planner to create a unique menu for your wedding using the fresh ingredients your guests deserve.

delicious fine dining meal

How Do You Find a Good Caterer in LA?

When you start searching for the right Los Angeles catering company, be sure to ask for references, similar customer profiles, and a pricing range. This will help you determine if you are a good fit with the caterer.

A good full-service caterer will make menu suggestions, give you a written proposal, and answer all of your questions honestly and openly. Ask if their chefs are experienced and professionally trained in the food style you prefer. Inquire into their staffing and whether they are experienced to handle and provide a fine dining experience along with all the planning and preparation details needed.

At The Pacific Coast Palate, we have professional chefs, an experienced management team, and highly trained support staff for your catering needs.

We offer catering services in LA, Orange County, and most anywhere in Southern California, whether your event is an intimate and romantic dinner or extravagant destination wedding for hundreds.

Fill out our scheduling form to provide your event details, the number of guests you are expecting, and any special requests for your catered event.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Caterer in Los Angeles?

When you’re evaluating your event budget, it’s important to know your catering costs upfront. No one wants a pricing surprise when they are planning a wedding or a large full-service catered party.

Caterer in Los Angeles?

We suggest you look at a price-per-person model and then plan your budget accordingly. Our catering costs typically range from $115 – $200 per person. The specific food you select, add-on services such as bartending, and the number of hours you need staff available may all impact your final price. Don’t forget to add any service fees and taxes if applicable to your total catering budget.

Also, consider the cost of food in the Los Angeles area. If the catering company will need to special order signature ingredients, for example, that will increase the per-person cost. Don’t forget to consider beverage or bar services and how much of your budget you want to dedicate for that purpose.

You’ll also want to consider what kind of catering setup your event will use – full-service, buffet style, carousel catering, or plated meals. The number of staff it will take to handle the catering event will vary based how the food is to be served.

Contact us with our scheduling form to learn more about how we can help you plan, prepare, and cater your special event.

What Should You Look for In a Orange County Caterer?

When you are hiring a caterer for the first time, prepare a list of questions to ask each catering company you are interviewing. Below are a few sample questions that you may want to ask at your first meeting to create checklist to compare each of the caterers. This will help you determine which catering company best fills your needs.

  • Can you work within my catering budget?
  • Will you create a custom menu based on my cuisine preferences?
  • Will I have an opportunity to conduct a tasting before the event?
  • What do you provide from a service standpoint? Are food, staff, and equipment all included?
  • Will I need to provide any support for the catering at this price point or can I just sit back, relax and enjoy the party?
  • Is my event date available on your calendar?
  • Do you specialize in the type of catering I need – wedding caterer, corporate events, casual get-togethers?
  • Will your staff handle cleanup? Will I need to drop off equipment before or after the event?

What Are Your Catering Needs?

The Pacific Coast Palette is delighted and ready to make your catered event a success. We use fresh organic ingredients, custom menus, and have an experienced and professional staff to create the atmosphere you need with plated meals or full-service catering for your next event.

Whatever your catering needs, we’re here to listen and help you design a memorable, delicious experience for your guests. Just fill out our scheduling form today, and we’ll have one of our team members contact you to answer any of your questions.

In LA, What’s The Difference Between a Private Chef and a Caterer?

What’s The Difference Between a Private Chef and a Caterer?

A caterer is equipped to handle a larger event than a private chef. A catered event usually has a lower cost-per-plate fee than a private chef’s cost-per-plate because caterers offer a set menu and can prepare food in larger batches than a private setting needs.

A private chef is more effective in preparing a customized meal for a smaller, more intimate group. Consider a private chef for groups under 20 people, where individual dietary restrictions and culinary preferences can be more personalized to a smaller group.

Many Los Angeles area private chefs also operate as caterers. Catering services from a private chef may be more specialized and affordable than working with a large caterer or venue.

Do Caterers Provide Drinks for My Event?

The Pacific Coast Palate can work with you to create a beverage menu and shopping list for you to use. We do offer bartending services as an add-on additional service if requested.

Some catering services will provide beverages for your event, but frequently it won’t be included in the foodservice pricing. You’ll usually be given a separate cost for beverages depending on what drink services you want at your event.

When thinking about your budget and the atmosphere you want for the event, be sure to ask the caterer if they will be using glassware or disposable plastic drinkware to serve your guests. Glassware is generally an extra cost, so keep that in mind during your budgeting.

Do Caterers Provide Drinks for My Event?

Bar Service Is Not Generally Included in the Catering Price

While some caterers offer both food and drink services, you may want to work with two different catering specialists for your event. When including alcoholic drinks at your catered event, the caterer will need to provide a liquor license and a certified bartender to meet most venue restrictions. You’ll also have a line item on the bill for the spirits on most catering orders.

Can A Caterer Cook On-Site for My Event in LA?

Sometimes. You’ll want to speak to the caterer to make sure they are following proper food handling regulations and that the event facility is approved for a catering event. Many caterers will prepare the food in an approved commercial kitchen and then serve the food up at your event site. Most caterers provide setup before the event and cleanup after the party in their per-person price. The cost for transportation of the staff and food is generally included in the total catering fee.

The Pacific Coast Palate would love to assist you with your full-service catering menu and event planning. Complete our scheduling form to provide details of your event so we can contact you and answer all of your questions. We look forward to providing you with outstanding food and service for your event.

Let Us Assist Your With Your Chef & Catering Needs

The Pacific Coast Palate would love to assist you with your full-service catering menu and event planning. Complete our scheduling form to provide details of your event so we can contact you and answer all of your questions.

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